The new Magico A3 will be in the Toronto area soon.

You Say You Want A Revolution!

Magico is proud to launch the A series. At long last a Magico loudspeaker obtainable for a wider audience; the A3 brings together a bevy of technologies unheard-of at […]

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Bryston Active Event November 16th

We are having a Bryston Active event here at Audio by Mark Jones.

There will be a complete Bryston Digital Active system set up for demonstration. Both James Tanner and Steve Brothman of Bryston will be […]

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Focal Kanta 2’s breaking in

Wow, these sound great right out of the box.

Call or email to book an appointment to have a listen.

And don’t forget about the TAVES Focal Show Special available until Oct 31st 2017, call for […]

Focal Kanta 2’s

OMG, are these beautiful or what?
Expect to see and touch a pair of these at TAVES 2017, followed by demo’s at the shop the week following.
The Ivory/Walnut finish is what we will have at […]

Tannoy Eaton’s in for a listen

OMG, are these the most musical loudspeakers on the planet? After an hour of listening, we think this may just be the case. Loving these beautiful small monitors (well not that small, they do […]

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Bryston’s new BP17 Cubed pre-amplifier

The BP17³ delivers incredible sonic performance while still adhering to traditional, fully discrete, analog circuits throughout the preamplifier.

The BP17³ includes the patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers and incorporates much of […]

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The new Tannoy Legacy series coming soon to AMJ

Music is an art form that needs to be experienced in all its beauty, detail, and nuance without the colouration that can instantly detract from its purest essence. A truly great loudspeaker design enables […]

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Recent photos of the best in High End Audio – Part 1

Is this not the best in High End Audio in the Toronto area, we think so!

Recent photos of the best in High End Audio – Part 2

Is this not the best in High End Audio in the Toronto area, we think so!

Tannoy GRF

TAVES (Toronto’s high end audio show) 2017

Well another TAVES show is on the way. We are Looking forward to checking out the new venue at The Toronto Congress Centre, October 13-15th. Berton 4
This year’s system in the BERTON 4 room […]

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